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Extend Your Back-Ops Globally

Our mission is to enable Global companies establish their own Offshore Development Centers (ODCs)

The problem that we solve!

Are you a technology service provider or a technology-dependent company seeking cost-effective talent with globally competitive skillsets?

With rising talent costs worldwide, it's becoming crucial to access talent pools that offer competitive pricing. However, you may not want to outsource your work to freelancers or third-party agencies, lose control over your projects, or take a short-term cost-saving approach.

Instead, you desire to build your own team or office that is integrated into your organisation, take a long-term strategic view with a lower cost base, drive the culture of your development team, and retain ownership of processes, controls, and security. That's where Outpost comes in.

Why Outpost?

Pakistan has long been home to millions of IT professionals and software developers. Pakistani talent has gained exposure and experience in recent years by working on global products for international organisations, regional VC-funded companies, and large local software companies.

Pakistan offers a large pool of IT and software development talent with globally competitive skillsets at a cost that makes building your tech team in Pakistan compelling.

Here’s why Pakistan stands out:

Ample Supply of Talent

Pakistan produces approximately 450,000 university graduates annually.

Mature Ecosystem

Boasts a thriving ecosystem, including large software companies, publicly listed software services firms, and ancillary services.

Ease of Communication

English is the official language and the medium of instruction in all universities.

Strong Track Record

Preferred choice for development centers of unicorns such as Careem (Acquired by Uber) and Motive (formerly Keep Truckin).

Who are we?

YourTeamInPakistan.com is an initiative of The Boring Syndicate (TBS), a senior industry professional-managed investment syndicate focused on investing in export-driven technology and professional services firms in Pakistan.

Our mission is to facilitate global companies in establishing their offshore development centers in Pakistan and contribute to the ecosystem by building capacity, corporate structures, and providing access to professional capital for early and growth-stage technology services companies.

Taha Anis is the founder of The Boring Syndicate and YourTeaminPakistan.com

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Our Services

At YourTeamInPakistan.com, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your needs and ensure a seamless offshore development center setup. Our services can be divided into three key steps

  • Consultation

    During this initial stage, we engage with companies exploring the establishment of an offshore development center. We address crucial questions such as:

  • Is Pakistan the right destination for your offshore development center?
  • Does Pakistan have trained HR available in the required technologies?
  • What are the potential cost savings through comprehensive budgeting and cost-planning?
  • Which city in Pakistan is optimal for establishing your office?
  • What would be the optimal legal structure for your operations?
  • Setup

    Once you are ready to kick-start your operations in your offshore development center, we ensure that you work with trusted partners. From incorporation to recruitment, you can choose from our menu of services to fulfill your specific requirements.

  • Ongoing Support

    We believe in maintaining an ongoing partnership to ensure your operations remain uninterrupted, even in the face of internal or external shocks. Our team is dedicated to supporting your needs and providing continuous assistance as your offshore development center grows.

Our Model

At YourTeamInPakistan.com, we prioritise transparency in costs. We collaborate with hand-picked professional service providers, including lawyers, tax and accounting consultants, and recruitment firms, with whom we have negotiated the best rates.

Our model operates on a cost-plus basis, where YourTeamInPakistan charges a professional fee as a percentage on top of all your costs.

Yusuf Jan

Yusuf Jan

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Farrukh Omar

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Nadeem Sheikh

Our Advisors

We gain strength from well-reputed industry professionals with experience building global businesses from Pakistan. Our advisors have built teams of 1000+ collectively in the software industry.

Our Partners

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