Extend Your Back-Ops Globally

Our mission is to enable Global companies establish their own Offshore Development Centers (ODCs)

What is the problem that we solve?

Are you a technology service provider or a technology-dependent company seeking cost-effective talent with globally competitive skillsets?

With rising talent costs worldwide, it's becoming crucial to access talent pools that offer competitive pricing. However, you may not want to outsource your work to freelancers or third-party agencies, lose control over your projects, or take a short-term cost-saving approach.

Instead, you desire to build your own team or office that is integrated into your organisation, take a long-term strategic view with a lower cost base, drive the culture of your development team, and retain ownership of processes, controls, and security. That's where Outpost comes in.

Why Outpost?

Welcome to Outpost, your partner in seamless global expansion. We enable your business to extend back-office operations worldwide, ensuring your remote office is as synchronized and unified as your headquarters. We go beyond typical managed services, offering you a secure, personalized, and cost-effective solution to thrive in new territories. With Outpost, experience unparalleled convenience and operational excellence as you globalize your business footprint.

Pakistan is our initial base of operations where we leverage its pool of tech-savvy experts to offer unmatched services and solutions. Pakistani professionals have been pivotal in shaping global technology, delivering innovation and expertise across various sectors.

Here’s why Pakistan stands out:


Ample Supply of Talent

Pakistan produces approximately 450,000 university graduates annually.

Mature Ecosystem

Boasts a thriving ecosystem, including large software companies, publicly listed software services firms, and ancillary services.

Ease of Communication

English is the official language and the medium of instruction in all universities.

Strong Track Record

Preferred choice for development centers of unicorns such as Careem (Acquired by Uber) and Motive (formerly Keep Truckin).

Who we are?

We are your strategic partner in navigating the dynamic tech environment of successful Global Offshore Software Development by simplifying your business journey, ensuring compliance, and delivering cost-effective solutions. Our experienced team, adept at scaling companies in Pakistan, is dedicated to ensuring your transition into new territories is seamless and enriching.

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What we offer?

We’re your guiding hand in seamlessly establishing your company in new territories. Managing the legalities, optimizing your team and finances, and ensuring your daily operations are smooth and efficient. It’s about making your transition successful and hassle-free!

  • Setting up a Company

    We’ll guide you through every step to set up your company, making the journey into new territories as smooth as possible.

  • Legal and Compliance:

    We’ve got your back, managing all the legal stuff and making sure everything’s up to par with local and international rules.

  • Human Resource Management:

    Let’s find the right people together! We’ll help manage your team, ensuring everyone is happy, productive, and developing their skills. We will also manage the payroll for you.

  • Auditing and Finance

    We’ll help keep your finances in check, making the most out of every resource and keeping your venture profitable.

  • Administrative Services:

    We’re here to help organize your day-to-day, making sure everything runs smoothly in your workspace.

What we charge?

We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled value, ensuring every dollar spent is an investment in quality, expertise, and a smoother, more efficient operational journey. We charge a fixed percentage, ensuring a transparent and reliable fee structure that empowers your business and fosters collaborative growth. For more details or any clarifications on our pricing model, please contact us.

Taha Anis

Taha Anis

Amar Makhdoom

Amar Makhdoom

Our Team

We gain strength from well-reputed industry professionals with experience running and building global businesses.

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